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Monday, 1 January 2018

Atrekinthesun's top 14 instagram photos in 2017

We share a lot of our photos from our travels and hikes on Instagram. Here are some notable photos from our adventures during 2017.

Number 14
Our adventure to Cadiz we stayed at El Puerto de Santa Maria and took the ferry across to Cadiz. There were some great things to see and some very nice sherry. When you get tired you can have a rest on this nice seat.

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Number 13
In February we paid a visit to the beautiful city of Cadiz

Looking back at Cadiz from the Castillo de Santa Catalina

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Number 12
Visited Granada in January

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Number 11

Hiking high above Loja in the Sierra de Loja we enjoyed the company of the giant wind turbines.
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Number 10

In April we came across this snake on a bike ride around Tarifa during our trip to the Costa de la Luz.
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Number 9

In September we went on a road trip to Portugal and visited Adraga beach.
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Number 8

In March we visited Sierra Nevada and had a fantastic time.
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Number 7

In November we visited Granada where had a very relaxed weekend.
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Number 6

In December we made our annual trip to Malaga to see the Christmas lights and much much more.
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Number 5

At the end of October, we went to Alhama de Granada, where we ascended the gorge and afterwards relaxed in the splendid Arab Baths at El Ventorro.
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Number 4

In May we did a cycling tour of Cabo de Gata and had a great time.
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Number 3

In September we did a day trip to Lisbon from our base in Sintra.
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Number 2

On our tour of Portugal in September we stayed at Sintra and visited one of the magnificent Palaces.
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Number 1

In the middle of June, we embarked on a road trip in our Motorhome which lasted almost 8 weeks. During the trip, we visited a lot of places and met up with a lot of friends and family. The highlight of the trip was my daughter's wedding where we had a fantastic time.

Great fish and chips in Silloth

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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Experiencing the delights of Sintra

Sintra is a great place for sightseeing. It is very popular with tourists. We just visited there in September and it was still heaving with people. Parking is difficult we just had to leave our car at the side of the road on a narrow street. Sintra is known for its many 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments which have made it a Unesco World Heritage site. Of the many former royal palaces, we decided to visit just one, Quinta da Regaleira, we waited for a bus to take us to the palace but after about 15 minutes decided to walk to it which only took 20 minutes. The buildings, gardens, and sculptures are all fantastic and well worth a visit. There is a lot of walking involved in seeing all of the attraction, we did the palace, gardens, and chapel. The gardens include tunnels leading to the Initiation Wells, or inverted towers, which are underground towers with stairs. I waited for ages to try to get a photo with no one on the stairs but it was impossible, so my photos have random people in them. It took us so long to get around the place that we had to have a sit-down and coffee before making our way back to the car.

Our accommodation for our stay in Sintra was just outside the center at a guesthouse called 'Very Quiet Place'  where we had self-contained accommodation and is an ideal place to stay if your sightseeing in Sintra, Lisbon or just visiting beaches. After a tiring day sightseeing, it is great to have a dip in the pool with a nice glass of wine.

A 'very quiet place' to chill after a day sightseeing

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Day trip to Lisbon

We did a trip to Lisbon for the day. As we were staying just outside Sintra we drove to the railway station Portela de Sintra, not Sintra railway station, where you can park all day for €1.50 and it is difficult to park at the other one. The journey into Lisbon took about 40 minutes and we wanted to visit the castle of Sao Jorge, which was on top of a hill not far from the station. There is a tram that you can take up to the castle, but there were so many people waiting to take it, they estimated 1 hour before you would get on a tram, so we walked it in about 20 minutes. It was well worth the walk as it is a magnificent Moorish castle overlooking the city and river Tagus and was built during the medieval period in Portugal. It was very hot and there was a queue to buy tickets but there was plenty of shade once you got in. The panoramic views over the city were very good.

Street Art on the way to the castle

and more

This is why there were so many people at the castle

Didn't quite make it back home

Rua Augusta Arch

Santa Justa Lift

We enjoyed our visit very much and then went to the cathedral which was very nice and dates back to the 4th century. During its presence, it has been occupied by many different tribes and religions including Visigoths, Moors, and Christians and is now Roman Catholic. It is made up of a lot of different styles of building due to damage caused by earthquakes and has been a national monument since 1910.
After this, we took the train back to Sintra, having enjoyed the visit.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Road Trip to Portugal - Adraga Beach (Praia da Adraga) and Cabo da Roca

We have just returned from a weeks road trip to Portugal.
This post is about our visit to one of the best beaches that we have ever been to, and we just picked out this beach from the map. We were staying in a beautiful place just outside Sintra and drove to Praia da Adraga the satnav took us down a narrow winding road to the beach and when we arrived we were surprised that there was only one bar and a car park, which was free). The car park was right on the edge of the beach and there were only half a dozen people on the beach.
We walked across the beautiful white sandy beach towards the sea, which was quite choppy, there was only one person in the water and he was surfing, wearing a wet suit. There was no chance that we would venture into the water it was far too cold for us. We did a lovely walk along the beach.

Next, we wanted to visit Cabo da Roca so we entered it into our satnav and it took us along a right-hand turn just along the road from the beach, this soon became a very narrow dirt track, luckily our car is a 4x4 so we were okay but a normal car would have been in trouble, we noticed that someone had hit their sump on a rock as the sump oil was all along the track.

Satnav said that this was the main road to Cabo da Roca?

We finally arrived there safely and noticed a lot of coaches and cars parked close to the lighthouse. So we parked a little way before and walked to the lighthouse where there were loads of people, we still got some great views of the cliffs and beaches below. It is better if you go there to watch the sunset but we could not fit this into our trip this time.