Monday, 22 January 2018

This week 24th January we are doing "Sendero de las emes 'a la cruz' " from Loja.

The walk is the "Sendero de las emes 'a la cruz' " from Loja. The start is from the road near police station in Loja and is about 9k with only 4k being uphill rising 630 meters and should take about 3 hours. The track is good and is dog-friendly but there may be some sheep around at the top. You will need to bring your own refreshments as there is only a cross at the top.
Meet at the Lidl car park in Loja at 10:30 to pool cars and drive to the start of the walk.  


  1. Hi Cyril, although it is undulating we will be there. Peter

  2. Hi Cyril,

    It seems unlikely that we can make it this morning. If we are not there please carry on without us. Peter