The Perfect Birthday Treat in Monachil and Granada

We have just had the perfect birthday treat. It was my wife's birthday the other day and we decided to treat ourselves to a night out in a posh hotel.
We managed to get a deal at Granada Palace hotel in Monachil, Granada. Not being able to check-in until 2pm we decided to go into the middle of Monachil and have a look around.

The hotel room before we put our stuff everywhere
View of Granada from the 4th floor

Parking up near the river Monachil we found a beautiful walk along the riverbank, it was the start of the Los Cahorros walk which follows the Rio Monachil crossing over a couple of swing bridges on the way. When we got to the first of the swing bridges we decided not to do the whole walk, having done it before and returned back to Monachil on the other side of the river. Having navigated a track with a few lovely houses scattered along the way we eventually arrived on a road where we found Restaurante El Puntarron and decided to stop off for lunch. The weather was beautiful so we sat outside on their terrace taking in the wonderful views.

Life on the edge

Tackling the swing bridge

Lunch with a view

After lunch, we walked back to the car and drove to the hotel to check-in. The hotel was really modern and our room was great with a lovely terrace overlooking the snow-covered slopes of The Sierra Nevada.
We had a nice meal at one of the restaurants at the hotel after we had had a very relaxing visit to the hotel Spa (included in the price of the hotel).
After a lovely breakfast the next day we ventured into Granada and visited The Science Park (Parque de las Ciencias)  which has some great museums and a fantastic Bio-Dome (Biodomo). The bio dome was the highlight of the visit and is an area dedicated to Education, Conservation and Research of biodiversity on the planet. It consists of a massive aquarium and a tropical area containing over 250 species of plants and animals.

our next car

Woodentops form a band, rave from the grave

Welcome to the robot exhibition 
In the dome now walking around the aquarium 

After we had finished and we were dying for a coffee, and as it was my wife's birthday I took her to the new Nevada Shopping Center in Granada.