Road Trip to Portugal - Adraga Beach (Praia da Adraga) and Cabo da Roca

We have just returned from a weeks road trip to Portugal.
This post is about our visit to one of the best beaches that we have ever been to, and we just picked out this beach from the map. We were staying in a beautiful place just outside Sintra and drove to Praia da Adraga the satnav took us down a narrow winding road to the beach and when we arrived we were surprised that there was only one bar and a car park, which was free). The car park was right on the edge of the beach and there were only half a dozen people on the beach.
We walked across the beautiful white sandy beach towards the sea, which was quite choppy, there was only one person in the water and he was surfing, wearing a wet suit. There was no chance that we would venture into the water it was far too cold for us. We did a lovely walk along the beach.

Next, we wanted to visit Cabo da Roca so we entered it into our satnav and it took us along a right-hand turn just along the road from the beach, this soon became a very narrow dirt track, luckily our car is a 4x4 so we were okay but a normal car would have been in trouble, we noticed that someone had hit their sump on a rock as the sump oil was all along the track.

Satnav said that this was the main road to Cabo da Roca?

We finally arrived there safely and noticed a lot of coaches and cars parked close to the lighthouse. So we parked a little way before and walked to the lighthouse where there were loads of people, we still got some great views of the cliffs and beaches below. It is better if you go there to watch the sunset but we could not fit this into our trip this time.