Monday, 28 August 2017

2017 Summer Road trip to the UK

The first place we drove to from Le Shuttle in Folkstone was Doncaster where we stayed for the weekend with family.
Doncaster is a great place to visit to experience the true Yorkshire lifestyle and has some lovely walks along the Don river.
We had a great time which included a trip to Nottingham to watch our nephew and nieces son James, who is nine, taking part in a triathlon, where he did very well.

Go Jimbo
Well done James

Are you sure the Tour de Yorkshire goes this way?

River Don
Walking near the River Don
In an English Country Garden
Resting near River Don 

 Went to visit a friend who lives on a farm near Hebdon Bridge. It is a lovely place where they are trying to develop into both a center for Tai Chi and alternative farming methods. They have a beautiful border collie called Meg who was expecting pups when we visited so she was a bit wary of Scoobie. Did a nice walk up to and around Withens Clough. Hebdon Bridge is in West Yorkshire and is well worth a visit. If you have a dog I can recommend The Lamppost Cafe as it makes the animals feel special, our dogs loved it.

Walk around Withens Clough
Withens Clough and Megan
The dogs and us having a bite to eat at The Lamppost
Scoobie at The Lamppost having been given a blanket and towel by the staff, as it was raining outside
Megan at home
Menu for dogs at The Lamppost

Drove to Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales where we found a nice campsite Wood Nook Caravan Park in the heart of Wharfedale which had some nice pubs within walking distance so we were able to celebrate my birthday in one of them, where we enjoyed a nice meal too.

Drove up the east coast of England planning to stop off at Bamburgh to visit the castle, but it was raining so hard that we decided to carry on into Scotland.

By the time that we arrived at our friends in South Queensferry it had stopped raining and we spend a few days with our friends doing lots of things including cycling and going to a Spectacular Joust at the Linlithgow Palace, a former residence of the Scottish monarchs in the 15th and 16th centuries , which I really enjoyed and was even booing at the bad knight and cheering the good one.

Roisin on her new bike
The Forth Bridge

Red Admiral on our walk
Scoobie in Ferry Glen
South Queensferry monster
Another view of The Forth Bridge
On the way to the Jousting
Inside Linlithgow Palace
Jousting horse
Winner of the Jousting
Lady of the Jouster
May the battle commence 
Don't eat all the pies
Linlithgow Palace

After a few days, we went to Kielder Forest camping where we did some nice walks, bike rides and sampled the local beers. But unfortunately it started raining and we decided to move to our next port of call.

Not sure what this is?

Some nice trees in Kielder forest

Way above our campsite on one of our walks

Another great tree 

The only squirrel we could get was made of wood

Tranquil Kielder Lake

That's what happened to Larry the lamb

Fern Gully

Another one of the lake

We arrived at a nice campsite on the edge of the town of Silloth which is an old port town in Cumbria and sits on the shoreline of the Solway Firth. We sampled some of the local fish and chips and beers and walked into the main part of the town which is a fine example of a Victorian seaside resort and was at its peak in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with the factory workers from Carlisle which is only 22 miles away.

Nice pot of tea in The Fairydust Emporium

Nice decor too

Scoobie in full flight
Couldn't get off the ground

Chris sitting in the Silloth Green Story Telling chair

Got to have fish and chips at the seaside

Went to visit some old friends in Little Lever (between Bolton & Bury). It was nice when we arrived but it wasn't long before the rain started. We had a nice meal at a pub that did a special deal for pensioners.

Visited some friends who were originally from Doncaster but have now moved to Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District and you can walk from their house right into the peaks. Scoobie met up with her friend Ted a cockapoo who she had met when our friends came to stay with us in Spain for a few days earlier in the year. They had great fun chasing each other around their massive garden which has a small wood at the bottom. Scoobie loved the smells as they have foxes and badgers visit their garden. We also cycled to see some other friends who had also visited us in Spain too.

View from Burbage Edge, Derbyshire

and another
Last one

Back to Chris's hometown of Doncaster, where we met up with some of our old friends and caught up on all the gossip over a few pints and also went for a walk with another friend who lives in nearby Conisbrough from where we walked along the river Don to another pub for more drinks. We also went on a very nice cycle ride with Chris's brother.

Cusworth Hall

Cusworth Hall Scoobie liked it
Scoobie walking the plank

River Don
River Dearne
Sprotborough Flash

We called in on walking friends who have a holiday home in our village in Spain and live in East Cowick in the East Riding of Yorkshire. We had a great time which included sampling some of their local brews, no we are not alcoholics yet.

Scoobie loved the beer garden, we did too

Visited some old friends of Chris's from her college days who I have only met once before at our wedding They took us on a grand tour of Scarborough where they live. Brought back some memories of when Chris visited there as a child.

Peasholm Park

Tide in
Peasholm Park
Scarborough promenade
Luxury Beach Huts

Back home to Nuneaton to get measured up for a suit for my daughter's wedding. Luckily we found some friends who had room for our motorhome on their drive and they let us stay with them while we visited family in Nuneaton.
Had a lovely meal at my daughter's house and tried out some shots with my future son-in-law, not a good idea, should have left it to the youngsters, no more shots for me thank you.

Next stop was a flying visit to our friends we know in who live in Aldbourne, just outside Marlborough. Aldbourne is a wonderful little village surrounded by beautiful countryside. Guess what we went to the local pub and sampled some ciders from around Wiltshire, very nice too. They took us on a tour of Marlborough which has the second widest high street in Britain.

They took us to Cirencester the next day and we had an enjoyable day seeing the sights of this beautiful market town which is the largest town in the Cotswolds, we were impressed by the Church of John the Baptist a very grand structure.

Lovely walk down Cirencester High Street. Was Chris thinking of stealing the baby?

Church of John the Baptist

View of the church from in the park

Finally back to Nuneaton for the main event of our road trip, my daughter's wedding. What a great day we had, everything went to plan, I even managed to get through my speech. The wedding venue, Saxon Mill, and the hotel afterward Chesford Grange were both superb and everybody had a fabulous time.

Almost ready to go

On the way from the hotel
Bride and bridesmaid all looking beautiful 
Job done
Taking a break
All dressed up
Nicole looking as beautiful as her dad hehe 

A good time was had by all

Me trying to stand like Oliver, doing a great job, think he has more hair than me though

The brides family looking fantastic
Daddy's little girl

My two grandsons having fun on the dance floor

Me and my two girls

Scoobie fretting because we left her at our friend's house while we went to the wedding

Our final destination was South Croydon to visit another of Chris's brothers. We had a lovely time sampling some fine wines from his collection, wasted on us, and walking in the surrounding countryside.

I see no ships

The two Christines having a rest

This tree was planted to commemorate the Queen mother's 100th birthday

Beautiful woods


  1. Total opposite of my UK experiences. I've only been to the main cities.

    1. I did not just go to big cities I visited friends and family, that is why it is different, hope you liked it

  2. You know, these photos are the best thing I've seen on the internet since many months. Such peace and kindness, beauty of nature and human bonds... Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked the post I had a good time doing it.

  3. Your stunning pictures bring alive the countryside in stunning colour. The landscapes are so verdant, I am sure an exhilarating trip.

    1. Thanks for your comments, it certainly was an exhilarating trip

  4. I love road trips! And the countryside should never be underestimated! River Don looks tempting!

    1. Looks nice but it would have been too cold to swim in

  5. Wow - what a variety of stops and places you visited! Love to see them - good photos.

    1. Thanks we had a great time but were exhausted after about 8 weeks travelling in the motorhome

  6. I always think people should do road trips more in the UK, and I am particularly jealous of yours as you have visited a number of my favourite places, and more on my list of places I;d like to go. Looks like a great wedding too - your daughter's dress is fabulous.

    1. We visited these places because friends or family lived there, made for an interesting trip. Thanks you the wedding went great

  7. The photo of Scoobie fretting, with his ears out to the side, is by far the cutest thing I will see today!

  8. Many congratulations on the wedding - how gorgeous! This is a lovely post with so many fab pictures, from Withens Clough, which looks like the kind of place we'd like to visit, to the jousting, and of course the wedding. Plus that doggy treat menu is brilliant!

    1. Yes we have some great memories of the trip and will be able to back at the post in years to come and enjoy them again.

  9. What a wonderful road trip you have! And I'm so happy that you document them all down. Blogs are the really the best way to savour our past!

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time exploring the UK and congratulations to your daughter on her wedding! I'm always telling myself I need to explore more of my own country... this blog post has certainly supported that even more! There's so much diversity in the UK! (oh, and I'm glad you visited my city Nottingham) :)

    1. Yes because we now live in Spain it is nice to go back for a visit every few years. I am from Nuneaton which is not too from Nottingham and we have friends there too

  11. Sounds like a wonderful roadtrip – I love the UK, though haven’t made it through Yorkshire yet. How special to be able to take a road trip with your dogs – looks like they loved it! The UK is such a great destination to travel with pets – love that the Lamppost has a specific menu for dogs!! Great opportunity to combine travel with visiting friends – the day at Linlithgow Palace sounds especially fun!

    Congrats to your daughter - she looks beautiful in her wedding dress!

    1. My wife is from Yorkshire and there are lots of lovely places to go there, she says, hehe. Yes the dogs liked it but you have to make sure that their passports are in order as they are very strict about that at Calais on the way into the UK. I really enjoy the day at Linlithgow. The wedding went really well.

  12. My wife is from Yorkshire and there are lots of lovely places to go there, she says, hehe. Yes the dogs liked it but you have to make sure that their passports are in order as they are very strict about that at Calais on the way into the UK. I really enjoy the day at Linlithgow. The wedding went really well.

  13. I love all the pics! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your welcome, we had so much fun on that trip it is a pleasure to share some of it.

  14. I love the countryside trips as you see beautiful natural landscapes, I enjoyed reading the post only to discover later that it gets even better as there is a wedding to be part of this trip too, congratulations to your family on your daughters wedding !

  15. This whole post looks like it comes straight from a movie! I loved the rolling hills, architecture, and the wedding! The bride and her dress were gorgeous!

  16. The countryside looks beautiful! It looks like you had a really great time.

    1. Mary, The countryside is beautiful and we loved the whole experience

  17. Looks like a great road trip full of hikes! Love that you could bring your pooches along with you everywhere!

  18. Love your post as always. I want to stop by The Lampost, it looks very pet-friendly!

    1. Thanks Chad, glad you enjoy my posts, yes The Lamppost in Hebdon Bridge is a special place if you are travelling with pets.

  19. Beautifully told story of road trip. I fully enjoyed reading and watching amazing pics.

  20. Seems like a really lovely experience.

  21. Loved reading your road trip. Seems like you had a great time catching up with friends and family - wedding looked amazing! I live in the UK and there's so many places I haven't been. I love camping and am always on the look out for great camp sites. Kielder forest looks like a great place for a bike ride!

    1. Hi Lana, Yes Kielder forest is very nice but unfortunately it rained on the last day, but that is something that you have to put up with in that area, the biking was nice.

  22. You have shown one really cool medieval fare. Would love to see this in real.

    1. Hi Alexander, The Medieval fare was a really different experience for us and if you are anywhere near Edinburgh in July or August it is worth paying a visit.

  23. Very beautiful place! Your pictures are simply breathtaking. Love reading your post.. Thanks for sharing! :)

  24. Wonderful post. One of the things we loved about motorhoming which we did for nearly 10 years was visiting people and having our own space. Now we housesit.

    1. We have a home in Spain but have travelled all over europe in our Motorhome. On this trip we were away almost 8 weeks, which we find too much these days, we prefer going away for about 3 weeks maximum normally, but we had so many people to see on this trip. It does help that we love where we live, in the mountains inland from Malaga and it it always a joy to go back home. Enjoy your house sitting.

  25. Fabulous photos! Your dogs are very lucky. The Bride's dress is amazing and all her maids look gorgeous too! Really enjoyed this post.