First adventure in 2017

I had not been on a long walk for over a week, so I was ready for a nice long walk today. We set off with four people and four dogs. At first, we were walking along a road so we had to be on our leads but soon we were let off to do our own thing. I had been on this walk before and remembered that there were a lot of rabbits to chase in this beautiful countryside, so off I went trying to pick up a scent or two, my other doggy friends were quite happy to walk with the people, so I was on my own. I kept an eye on the people and occasionally walked past them when the scent crossed the track that they were on, and when I saw them stop I ran back to them just in case they were eating food and I was prepared to look sweet so that they might give me some. After a while, we stopped at a hotel for a coffee and water for us dogs were we all had a rest. When we started the return journey I picked up a scent straight away and went off on one. Taking no notice that the people had taken a different route back. Eventually, I realized, that they had gone, so I followed their scent the way we had come as arrived back at the car and found the Deeming's having coffee and tostada, so they must have been waiting for me. Alls well that ends well, that's what I say.

Please give me some Scoobie snacks