Wednesday walk 25th January

The walk this week will be around Villanueva del Trabuco and will take about 3.5 hours along good tracks. It is quite steep at the start but undulating after that. It is dog-friendly but there is a bit of road walking and we will pass some sheep and goats along the route so they will have to be under control during that time. Refreshments at Bar Talillas towards the end of the walk.

Meet at the swimming pool in Villanueva del Trabuco at 10:30am. If you have not been to the swimming pool in Trabuco from junction 7 on the a92m drive towards Trabuco passing bar El Cruze and a garage on your right continue on that road until you cross a large speed bump, then take the first right, followed by another right turn almost immediately up the hill and you will see a car park on the right opposite the pool on the edge of the forest.