Tales of the river(bank) by Scoobie

Today my worst nightmare came true. I and my best friend Max did a walk with the Wednesday Walkers. They were doing a special walk for Ian's birthday, what I didn't know was that they were walking up Rio Chillar (yes and I was to spend the next 4 hours walking in water). It was okay for the people who were all over 5 feet tall but as I am only about 10 inches tall I even had to swim in parts, and as I hate water this was not good.

The walk started okay until we reached the river and started walking up it and I stayed on the riverbank, but we reached a narrow bit where I had to go into the water. Well, I was not doing that and refused to go any further, but Cyril came back and coaxed me to have my lead on, he then proceeded to make me walk through the water. After the initial shock, I carried on walking in the water without the lead. We carried on up the river for a couple of hours to a pool at the bottom of a small waterfall, where some of the walkers went in for a dip (they must be mad). After a short break where we had some treats we went back along the river to the cars. It was a long walk and we were out for over 5 hours but it was nice and cool walking in the water after the long hot summer.

The Wednesday Walkers getting their feet wet
Me and Max with our friend Ian looking cool at the waterfall

Nearly drowned posing for this one with Ian & Amanda 
Getting a bit narrow

That bit was too deep for me

Max is getting in line

Chris and Cyril having a cool down
Toni joins in the fun
Looking for some shoes?

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