Caminito Del Rey revisited 2016

We have just been to Caminito del Rey again with friends Rob & Francis. This was the first visit since the new regime started under private ownership. We were a little apprehensive as the last time we tried to do it the walkway was closed because of high winds and the day before was really windy, and on the journey to the walkway, the wind started getting up. When we got to Ardales there were a lot of cars around and no sign saying that the walk was closed so that was good. After finding a place to park we made our way to the starting point with plenty of time to spare and the 1pm group were just about ready to start, this was about 1:05 and our slot was for 2pm, so we found some shade and had a picnic. just after 1:30 we thought we had better try to register for our slot, expecting problems we showed them our tickets which they scanned and there was no problem and we were soon standing waiting to start in our smart looking white helmets. At about 1:50pm a lady came over to us and gave us some instructions and then let us start early. By this time there were about 50 people waiting to walk so the start was a bit crowded but it soon thinned out. The temperature was good, not the high temperatures that we have been having all summer and it was a little cloudy. There was a forecast of rain at 3pm which did not arrive and we enjoyed a lovely walk through the gorge , again getting some great views which included two trains on the Malaga to Cordoba line wending their way through the tunnels on the opposite side of the walkway. When we arrived at El Chorro at the end of the walk we had a short wait for the bus to take us back to the start, which was a little confusing as you now get it at the train station and not where we had caught it before. Again everything went smoothly as we had already paid for the bus trip, we were very impressed with the efficiency and professional way that the new company is operating the walkway, along the walk we saw at least half a dozen staff checking safety and various other things. I would definitely recommend a visit if you have not been yet, well worth €10.

This is what it was like before the reconstruction took place.

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