Sunday Saunter

As we have a weekend of cleaning and washing between family and friends visiting we thought we would get up early on Sunday morning a do a little walk.
Started walking from home before breakfast at 8:30 am on one of our walks up a track through the olive groves to a farm, all uphill but not too hot yet.
Nice uphill start still in some shade

Following the track below the forest, we noticed that they had made a new track up into the forest, so we decided to follow it, maybe a new route, after walking uphill for about 20 minutes the track stopped, they are obviously still working on it. Rather than walking back down the track we just continued downhill through the forest until we got back to the track that we knew.

Where to now even Scoobie didn't know the way?
Oh dear!!!
Made it down to the original track
A nice little excursion but not yet ready for a Wednesday walk. About a mile from home we called into a local bar for breakfast. We were out for just under 3 hours and it was getting hot by the time we got back home.

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