Saturday, 2 January 2016

Failed on my New Years resolution on the first day


Happy New Year everyone. My New Years resolution was not to run off on walks. I have been on a walk today with my boyfriend Max and the Deeming's. It all started off nicely after leaving the car for the first 15 minutes. Then I picked up the scent of rabbits and could not resist it. So off  I went   chasing them and lost all sense of time and reality. The others carried on walking and about 2 and a half hours later I heard them whistling me, by which time I was getting very tired so I went back to join them. After having a chat with Max I found out that he had had a great time whilst I was away, he had been chasing cars by the side of the motorway (he could not get them as there was a fence between him and the cars) why? Also, the Deeming's had stopped for their usual coffee and toast and they had given him MY toast. When I went back to them they put me on the lead until we got back to the car so that I would not run off again.

Lovely day for chasing rabbits

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