Costa Del Sol as you have never seen before

Did a lovely walk on Wednesday. Great weather and company. 

After the walk, we drove down to the coast for a few day's holiday in the motorhome. Settled in at the campsite and got a nice picture of the sunset.

Today we walked from Maro up to Cortijo Almachar via Arroyo Sanguino.

Walked slowly taking in the views, and it took us over 4 hours during which time Scoobie disappeared, what's new. After the walk, we went for coffee and a little snack then drove back along some of the walk and who should walk around the corner but Scoobie, so she just jumped on the car and went back to the campsite. Went out for a meal in the evening and found that a lot of the restaurants that we go to were closed for holidays, but we found one in the end and had a nice meal.

The next day was very windy so we decided not to go far, in the afternoon, we went for a little walk along the beach a dry riverbed and into the village of Almayate.

The next day we were doing El Cielo, we drove to Nerja caves and along a track towards the recreation area Pinarillo. Just before that, we forked off onto another track to the right. This track was not very easy to drive up, good job we have a 4x4, we carried on along the track past a building that the locals call the garage, because it looks like a garage, up to Cortijo Civila where we parked and started the walk.

Looking down on Nerja

All went well for the first hour then we noticed that the cloud had come down covering the summit so we decided to take a track off to the right across to another ridge and keep below the cloud and save the summit for a clear day. When we got to the ridge we had fantastic views.

Then we had a snack and retraced our steps back to the car. We had Scoobie on the lead all day as there are Cabra Montes (mountain goats) on the hills. It was a good decision as we came across 3 young goats and Scoobie went crazy trying to get off the lead and chase them.

On the final day, we wanted to do an easy walk so we walked along the beach into Torre del Mar and along the promenade to Caleta de Velez, 6 kilometres, had coffee and a snack then walked back to the campsite.

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