Walking at the coast

Day 1
For the first days walk we decided to do one from Charles Davis's book 'Costa del Sol Walks'. We chose a walk from Totalan  up to the top of Cerro de las Herrerias and back to Totalan. It was graded as easy and to take 2 hours 10 minutes, well I don't think it was that easy with the first 1 hour 50 minutes uphill then a nice ridge walk but then the path ran out and we were faced with a steep descent back to the track. All of which meant that it took us 3 hours. Nice walk apart from the last part would hate to think what his hard walks are like??

When we got back to the campsite had a swim and played scrabble before going for a lovely meal at Gastrobar las Perlas.

Day 2
Dogs waiting patiently to start the walk

Did a nice easy walk today from fabrica de la luz just outside Canillas de Albaida.We followed a path beside the Arroyo de la Cueva de Melero which crossed over the river a few times before passing Cortijo Chato with a great view of Cueva de Melero. We turned right to go round the back of the Cortijo following a good track where we eventually ended up at another cortijo which is called Buena Vista where we had fabulous views hence the name.
One of the river crossings
Cueva de Melero

View from Cortijo Buena Vista

Start of the path back to the car

Then we backtracked for about 5 minutes to find two cairns marking a track back down to the start which would take about 30 minutes during this time Scoobie disappeared. No sign of her when we got back to the car. We hung around for about 20 minutes and nothing so we went back onto Canillas de Albaida  where we had a coffee and a bite to eat then went back to where we had parked the car and there was still no sign of Scoobie.  We started walking back up the hill again after about twenty minutes we decided to turn round and try again the next day and guess what Scoobie turned up. So we ended up doing an extra 40 minutes walking. The road back to the campsite had a lot of bends so we could not drive very fast but we didn't expect to be overtaken by a cyclist which we were and he soon disappeared into the distance.

Day 3

Had the beach to ourselves

Seagulls sunbathing in Caleta de Velez

We had a rest day today. Walked from the campsite down the beach into Torre del Mar all the way along the promenade to Caleta de Velez had coffee and toast at Meson El Bodegon and then walked back to the campsite. Three and a half hours not bad for a rest day.

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