On top of the World on the New Diet

Did a lovely walk today up to the top of the Sierra de Loja which is about 1650 metres. It lasted about 3 hours 30 minutes and was sunny and clear all of that time. We met at Abadas services on the A92 motorway and drove to the electric substation and parked up. Followed the track up past Charco del Negro (black pond), which had just a little bit of water in it. Next came Cueva Hora with great views on the way.

After starting the walk, I shared my new diet plan with everyone and they were all in agreement that it was a great plan. Following the track past La Via Ferrata de Cueva Hora where there was no one risking their necks on the wires, we walked to the cliffs below the mirador of Los Lapiaz, where we took a path just afterwards ascending up to the boardwalk and mirador. That took us about 2 hours so we were ready for our healthy snacks.

View from track looking over towards Gibalto
Nice rock formation on the way up to the mirador

View from the mirador
Mirador and boardwalk
View from boardwalk

From there we followed the boardwalk back to the track which wound its way back down to the car, passing all the wind turbines which were going around at maximum speed, the going was easy but the strong wind pushing the turbines was also in our faces which made it a bit of a chilly descent especially when we posed for photos at the trig point on the top.

Slopes of Sierra Nevada in the background, not much snow?