Christmas lights in Granada and more

We have just been to see the Christmas lights in Granada. Arrived about lunchtime so checked into the hotel and walked around the city centre for a couple of hours to see where the lights were.

Then went back to the hotel to get ready to go out when it got darker to see the lights on. Left the hotel around 6:30 and we were too early as the lights were not on yet. While we were waiting we decided to go for a beer and a tapas, well the tapas was massive. Originally we had planned to go to a restaurant for a meal at around 8pm. By that time we had visited 2 bars for beer and tapas, so we changed the plan to go to the restaurant and had another beer and tapas and were then full. After that the lights were on and we managed to see them all and had a great evening.

Man playing piano trying to sell perfume

Merry Christmas

The next morning we went for breakfast to a place we really like Pasteleria Lopez Mezquita then made our way back home.