Sculptures and Street Art in Malaga

We recently spent the day in Malaga looking at sculptures and street art. It was a very enjoyable day even though we got rained on. Following are some really interesting sculptures.


Francisco Garcia Grana


This is located near the port and is of a fisherman carrying fish in his cenacho (basket) to sell on the streets, this no longer takes place but is part of Malaga's heritage. It was done by local sculptor Jaime Fernandez Pimentel and was commissioned by the mayor, Francisco Garcia Grana in 1968 and was inspired by Manolo 'El Petaca'.

Puntos de Vista (Points of View)

Made of bronze it is heads stacked on top of each other and looks really good and was done by Tony Cragg from Liverpool and cannot be missed when walking up Calle Larios and has been there since 2005.

Hans Christian Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson

This was sculpted by Jose Maria Cordoba and was commissioned by the Danish Royal Family and inaugurated in 2005 by Princess Benedikte of Denmark to commemorate the bicentenary of his birth.

La Paloma Quiromantica

This was by Jose Seguiri and based on a cartoon by Perez Estrada and is half dove and half open hand and stands on the street where this poet and novelist was born in 1934.

Rabbit and Mouse separated by a bench
Rabbit & Mouse

These were by Chema Lumbreras the rabbit symbolises a lack of time and the mouse represents death.

Who's that sitting with Picasso
Portrait of Pablo Picasso

By Francisco Lopez Hernandez has been in the Plaza de la Merced opposite the house that he was born in. Been there since 2008.

Looks like me after a bad night out

Sculpture outside the CAC Malaga - Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Malaga.

Statue in Parque de Huelin to commemorate the 2011 year of volunteering

We then came upon some great street art.

Thought this was funny you can only cross the road if you are balancing on a bike
And finally the Malaga Eye