50 Shades of Autumn

We made our first visit to the Arab Baths at Hospederia El Ventorro in Alhama de Granada today after the long hot summer, along the route we spotted the first snow on the tops of the Sierra Nevada. Usually we walk into town from El Ventorro for breakfast then walk  back for the 12 to 1 45 session but we had a late start today and went for the relaxation of the Arab Baths first then walked into town for a light lunch. The walk into town was along the Camino de los Angeles which takes you up the gorge along the Rio Alhama passing the Ermita de Nuestra Senora de los Angeles which dates back to 1500 and is connected to the Legend of the Leap of Horse according to the legend in 1500 a knight arrived from Malaga and, as he was passing by the Huerta del Canon a movement in the undergrowth frightened the horse, which broke free from its reigns, started into a gallop and fell over the cliff. The knight survived the fall and had a vision of the Virgin Mary who told him he had 3 days to live but in that time must build an alter where he fell. The knight ordered the construction of the chapel. This was completed one year later and since then on 2nd August every year a religious procession travels to the chapel to pay their respects to Nuestra Senora de los Angeles. If you climb up on top of the rock near the chapel you can see the marks of the horseshoes (I have seen this myself).
The leaves on the trees were turning and the sky was beautiful giving us some amazing photos along the way.

The horseshoes can be found on one of these rocks