Trip to the seaside

7th September
The night before our trip started we had really bad thunderstorms. We wondered if we should abandon it but after looking at the weather forecast it was only today that had thunderstorms. On the drive to the coast we went through some more bad storms but arrived safely at the camp site. Although it did rain a few more times. So we went shopping then watched the vuelta on our laptop. Went for a walk along the beach between showers.

8th September
The sun was shining again today so we decided to go for a walk. Drove to Macharaviaya and parked near hotel Macharaviaya. We were following a walk from a book and the starting instructions were not very clear, it said start on a track at the back of the hotel, well there were 3 tracks. Think we may have picked the wrong one as we did further than it said in the book but we eventually got on the right track after gong down into a valley past a mango farm where the whole family were picking the mangos and they told us that the track that we were following only went to their finca but they did tell us where the path was that would take us up out of the valley and back onto the correct track. We eventually went through a village called Benaque which was very nice and was the birthplace of the poet Salvador Rueda and they had made his house into a museum, which was closed, then we made it back to the car in about 3 hours but it ended up being a nice walk. Later I went for a 5k run along the beach.

9th September
Walked along the beach into Torre del Mar to meet up with friends for a coffee.
Torre del Mar beach

It was nice and we ended up walking for 3 hours there and back. It was very hot when we got back to the campsite so we sat on the shade and played a game of scrabble. I thought out had cooled down a bit behind 6:30 so went for another jog along the beach. But I read wrong and it was really hot but I managed to finish the run but it took me ages to cool down.
10th  September
Planned to do a walk up a mountain called Cielo in the Sierra de Almijarra range which involved driving some way up a track but when we arrived at the start of the track near Nerja Caves we found that the barrier was blocking the track because of fire risk. We knew it was closed during the summer but assumed that out would be open from the 1st September. Plan 'B' park up and do another walk up the track as far as the picnic area  which we did and had a mini picnic drink and an Apple, then retraced out steps back to the car for a nice 2 and a half hour walk. Back at the campsite we last in the sun for about 30 minutes then went into the shade for a game of scrabble. Later went for a swim. Then we went out for a meal which we could drive to as we are not drinking in September.
11th September
Drove to Almachar and did a lovely walk starting from the village along a dry riverbed then up onto a ridge which looped back round to the village.
Graffiti on the riverside wall
Old hut next to the path but the mirror was perfect

Looking back down to the village from the track
Then back to the campsite for scrabble and a swim.