Scoobie's Adventures

Hi friends sorry I have not been on touch for ages but I have been really good and not stayed out all night since the episode at the dam. 
Having fun on a French beach
I am not going in the sea!
One man and his dog in Lucca, Tuscany 
Good job I was on the lead!

I have had a busy year though and been up through France into Italy in the motorhome I spent a lot of the time travelling but enjoyed the countryside in Tuscany and did some nice walks. After the visit to Rome we decided to get the ferry back from Rome to Barcelona which made a change from sleeping in the motorhome but I had to sleep in a cage which was a bit down market for me but I did get lots of walks round the deck of the ferry. 
Caged up on the ferry ahhh
Back in Spain in trouble at campsite for rolling in the dirt
OK I won't jump down into Rio Genil
It is a long way to the top of that mountain!
Another swimming lesson at Lake Iznajar

Just because I found some nice mud no need to call me black leg!

This summer has been very hot with no water but I usually find some mud to walk in and the Deemings call me black legs. I have been to Torre del Mar a few times to walk in the mountains near Nerja which are very nice. I still run off when I pick up a scent but eventually return back to the Deemings, must be getting too old to party all night. Have just got back from a week at Torre del Mar and a week at Guejar Sierra walking every day and today walked for over 6 hours so I'm very tired  at the moment looking forward to having a rest tomorrow, back out again Friday though.