The Windmills of Your Mind

We did a walk today in the Sierra de Loja. Starting at Charco del Negro ( today known as No hay Charco see photo)
No Hay Charco
past Cueva Hora

Cueva Hora

and the new Via Ferrata Cueva Hora,which looks very scary to me,
First view of the Via Ferrata Cueva Hora

Map of the whole thing scary

along the Charco del Negro - Fuente del Espino ruta S-3. We did part one today walked half way then back to the start because of the heat. At a future date we will drive to where we finished today and do the rest of the trail. When we started the huge turbines were still but on the way back the wind had got up and they were going like the clappers.
One of the huge wind turbines above the fossils from millions of years ago

We decided to keep Scoobie on the lead today as the last time we walked up there we got into trouble as she was chasing the sheep. It was a good job that we had as there were load of sheep and goats around.
Some of the sheep keeping an eye on Scoobie
On the way back we saw a herd of Ibex very close to the track containing around 12 Ibex Scoobie was going crazy to be let off the lead when she picked up the scent but we didn't let her off.
One of the Ibex before he ran off over the ridge
As we were walking at around 1400 metres it was a bit cooler and was a nice temperature to be out in the hills. Got back to the car after a nice 3 hour walk.
Me and my shadow
Scoobie wishes she could be let off the lead to chase the animals