Walk round Archidona

We went for a nice walk round Archidona today taking in the surrounding countryside and some of the sights round the town itself which took about two and a half hours. Starting from the swimming pool we walked past Cueva de las Grajas
View of Cueva de las Grajas from the track

on a track that takes you close to the new AVI line and motorway as far as the Era and the El Chopillo estate where we followed the track back into the town itself.
Motorway and Era sign 

We let Scoobie off at the start and she spent the whole walk chasing rabbits, we heard her barking a few times but never saw her. Back in the town we had coffee and toast then walked back to the swimming pool start using a route that we had not used before and got some different views of of the town.
Different view of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de Gracia

Just like a bad penny guess who was under the car when we got back to the swimming pool, you got it Scoobie.