Last of the summer walks

Our walk today was nice but it was too hot, so we will not be doing any more organised Wednesday walks until the weather starts to cool down a bit probably in September.
We started walking today from Fuente Camacho towards La Palma at about 8:15 am. There were three people and three dogs. It was quite pleasant walking at that time of day and we soon got into the countryside where the dogs enjoyed chasing around after rabbits. After about 30 minutes we came across some water in the olive groves which the dogs loved and stood in it for ages. Eventually Scoobie disappeared, as usual, just before we got to La Palma. We called in a bar for refreshments and Scoobie eventually turned up. We retraced our steps back to Fuente Camacho by which time it was getting too hot. Guess what Scoobie disappeared again this time she did not appear before the end of the walk. We had to drive the car back along the track that we had just walked and sure enough there she was just walking along but I think that she was a little bit tired and very hot and she did not stop panting until we got back home.