Nice day out

Started the day with a jog first thing as it was nice and cool. Then went for a nice 3 hour walk after breakfast through olive groves and forests around Villanueva del Trabuco. During the walk as we were looking for a new route we were walking on a track near the quarry and a guy pulled up in a van telling us not to carry on as they were going to blast in 10 minutes time, we told him where we were going so he let us carry on. Our intended route ended up at a fence which we followed round and it sent us back on towards the track that we had just left, so we stopped and had a drink of water until they had blasted. We then managed to return to the track and went into the olive groves and ended up in a forest where the track disappeared and we ended up scrambling up over a rocky outcrop to the top of the hill. We then found a track which took us back down the hill onto a good track which we followed back to the car.