Hacho Direct

Did a lovely walk today up Hacho taking the direct route which starts by going steeply uphill for about 40 minutes then more gradually uphill for another 25 minutes before reaching the summit. Because the weather is getting hot we started at 8:30 and it was still quite pleasant when we got to the top. After stopping for a short break at the top we started our descent back down into Loja. On the way down we spotted a family of Ibex on the same ridge that we had seen them earlier in the year, so they must be there all the time. There were five people and three dogs and we all kept together apart from Scoobie who kept disappearing but joined us again just in time to go to the bar near the railway station. After coffee and tostada we followed the road back to ours cars by which time it was getting very hot. We will be starting the walks at about 8 am during the summer so that nobody gets sunstroke.

Can you see the Ibex?