Birthday Bash

We decided start to celebrate my birthday a day early by going to Archidona in the motorhome to have a meal and a few drinks, stay the night and do a little walk on my actual birthday. Had a nice meal at the number one restaurant in Archidona according to Trip Advisor, the food was nice but not that good value for money, but then went on a pub crawl round Archidona afterwards which we enjoyed.
Birthday boy

Nice church on our walk round Archidona

On my birthday we had breakfast in a nearby bar then did a little walk down into the Arroyo Marin valley which was beautiful as always.
These are now all along the route great idea

This time we noticed little signs along the route with bar codes on and we eventually scanned one with the bar code reader on my mobile and it took me to a website that told us all about the plant that was next to the sign which we thought was a great idea. The site also tells you lots of information regarding La Hoz de Marin and it is well worth a visit.

Too tempting to resist we had to have a dip

Part of the walk took us along the banks of the Marin and it was really hot so we had a dip which cooled us off a little, just what we needed. Then we headed back to the motorhome and returned home to continue my birthday celebration for the rest of the day.