The cave and more

Did a nice walk today from the camp site in Villanueva del Trabuco up to the cave called Toma y Bebe in the Sierra de Jobo hills. Then carried on along tracks and through olive groves and a quarry until we got back into the village of Trabuco to finish. It was quite hot and we were pleased to finish at about 2pm after 3 hours 45 minutes of walking. When we arrived at the camp site there was a large group of people who looked like walkers getting ready to start a walk and before we had got our boots on they did start walking in the same direction that we had planned to go.
Behind a huge group of walkers

The group was really big and we soon managed to catch them up but it was in a place where the track was narrow so we were stuck behind them for a bit. Eventually the track opened up and we were able to get past them,our Spanish friend Javier who we were walking with said that they were not from Malaga or Granada as their accents were not right he thought that they were from Almeria. Soon after we passed them they stopped for breakfast and we did not see them again. We had originally planned to just go to the cave and back but when we got there we decided to carry on towards Villanueva del Rosario through the Dehesa de Hondonero.

Following the track to Rosario we decided to turn off onto a track that we had not been on before which would take us towards Trabuco.

This eventually ran out so we carried on through olive groves and a small forest until we found the track again and ended up going through the quarry above Trabuco which is where we wanted to be. We carried on along this track ending up at Venta Talillas for a well earned coffee.