La Saucedilla

Wednesday 13th May

Had a nice walk today starting at La Saucedilla between Villanueva del Trabuco and Archidona. We started at 9:30 as the weather has been getting hotter. It was not early enough for one of the walkers was bothered by the heat towards the finish of the walk, so if the temperatures stay the same as today we will have to start the walks at about 8am. She is fine now after cooling down. The walk went well starting gently until we arrived at a steep downhill part where we had to be careful descending but everyone got down safely.
Steep bit

We then arrived at the river crossing which wasnt too bad but we all had to take our boots off and wade across, the water was nice and cool and Scoobie loved it (she had been let off the lead today as there isn't much wildlife around on this walk). The walk then proceeded along a good track until we hit an uphill section which we had all done before but we still had to stop talking for a little while in order to get to the tree at the top where we always stop for a drink (of water that is).

It was already getting hot by then and it was only about 10:30. When we got started again all went well but Scoobie disappeared and we ended up at a bar in Archidona for a coffee, Scoobie had gone back to the girls at the back of the group and then all eventually arrived at the bar after about 2 hours of walking. By the time we started the return journey it was getting really hot and we had about an hours walking left to do, and during the last uphill section we were all feeling the heat. Apart from that all was fine and we got back to the cars OK.