First leg of coast to coast and more

Sunday 12th April
We had a book for Christmas called 'The Andalucian Coast to Coast Walk' and we decided to do Day 1 of the walk. Having already walked the first section from Maro to the Area Recreativa El Pinarillo we decided to start from there and we drove the car up the track passing quite a few people doing their morning walk to the picnic area which was about 5 kilometres and parked up.
Ready to start the walk

The day was cloudy and overcast which made it an ideal day for walking but not good for photographs. Starting from where we did we soon got into the harder part of the walk which was to end up crossing over four high mountain passes. Even though it was cloudy we soon got a sweat on and it was not long before we removed one layer of clothing. Taking it steady we arrived at the first pass of the day where there was a 4x4 parked and we were caught and overtaken by two young men who very soon disappeared completely. The route was very well marked and was easy to follow and we descended quite steeply down into the Chillar gorge where we went wrong, from the river crossing of Rio Chillar we followed some blue markers on rocks which sent us the wrong way but we soon realised our mistake and got back on track.
Rio Chillar

The track became steep then and we were really glad of the cloud cover. Eventually we made it to the top and crossed the second pass of the walk. From here the route became easier crossing a few dry stream beds. At the third pass we had a little snack before continuing and sat admiring the views. We met with a lot of other walkers which is unusual for us but it was a Sunday and a popular walking route, one of the people who passed us was a young girl in sandals shorts and a vest and a small shoulder bag, we felt overdressed in our trousers, walking tops, poles, rucksacks and sturdy boots I suppose it is because you need all that equipment when you walk in the mountains in England and you never know what the weather is going to do next. . After crossing the forth and final pass of the day we started the descent into the Higueron valley which was quite steep and we were feeling it a little in our legs by then. The sting in the tail was a very steep walk up into the village of Frigiliana and the end of the walk but it was a very nice walk which took us just under four hours. The hotel where we were staying for the night was only about 50 metres from the finish where we enjoyed a nice bath before having a walk round the village and having a beer or two.

Frigiliana from our hotel balcony

Monday 13th April
After a nice breakfast we were  ready to start the return journey back to the car at Area Recreativa El Pinarillo, but today the sun was shinning so it was going to be a hot one. We descended down into the Higueron valley and then started the ascent up to the first pass luckily it was still in the shade so we were ok. From then on we were mainly in the sun so suntan lotion and hats were required and trousers were replaced by shorts. Things were back to normal where we were the only walkers on the trek apart from one other walker that we saw and he was also English.
Shorts and hat required

It all went well and seemed easier on the way back probably because we know the route. Arriving back at the car in well under four hours. The car was still there so we made our way back home.

Clear skies on day 2

Tuesday 14th April
This was a rest day so we drove to El Ventorro just outside Alhama de Granada and walked the two kilometres into the village for breakfast, then back to El Ventorro to the Arab Baths and relaxed for the one hour forty five minutes.

Wednesday 15th April
The forecast is for rain so we won't be doing the original walk as that involves clambering up rocks. But we do have a couple of alternatives if the rain does arrive. So we will be meeting at the same place and time.