Villanueva del Trabuco climbing wall walk

We did one of our harder walks today, which is not suitable for the normal Wednesday walks that we do as it is too steep and mainly following goat tracks. As we were walking with a Spanish friend we  had two cars available so we were able to park a car at either end and make it an hour and a quarter shorter only taking 3 hours. The start is very steep from a track up to a climbing wall, hence the name of the walk, it is less than a kilometre but definitely gets the heart pumping.
Gibalto from climbing wall

Once you have got over that the walk is easier but mostly following goat tracks so the going is a little difficult at times and not easy to follow up into a hidden valley, this place is really peaceful and we stopped for a little break and the only sounds were made by us. There are no marked tracks out of this valley only a few more goat tracks which we followed, we did see the occasional cairn or mojon in Spanish (thanks Javier for that information) but these did not lead us anywhere and eventually stopped altogether.

I was looking back to see!

We managed to find our way back to the car at the place we had left it but not before we heard shooting close by, very close actually good job that we had Scoobie on the lead. When we got back to the car we discovered that it was people shooting at a target and not hunting as we had first thought. So we arrived back safely after a lovely 3 hour walk.