Lagunas de Salinas

15th March 2015
We decided to do some exploring at the Lagunas de Salinas. Started well walking past the two lagunas.
Laguna Chica
We then tried to follow the tracks shown on the map to make our way to Fuente Camacho. Even after taking some bearings using a map and compass (do you remember these) we still managed to follow a track that just ended in an olive grove. We had managed to do this once before but it was a long time ago, we found a quarry which was not on our map and some nice tracks but they didn't go anywhere near where we wanted to go. After a while we decided to follow the tracks to a hamlet called Cortijos las Montoras and along a track to the car. A very pleasant 3 hour walk even though it was not the planned route.

every cloud has a silver lining