First trip of 2015 to San Jose, Cabo de Gata

 27/2/15 first trip of the year to San Jose in cabo de gata. 
San Jose
We were in for a shock when we arrived at our normal accommodation as it was full this is the first time ever that we have not been able to stay there.  We soon found another car park with other motorhomes on although there was a big sign saying ‘NO OVERNIGHT PARKING’ after talking to an English couple with a huge motorhome they assured us that it would be OK to stay there overnight as the normal place was full. It was Friday so we decided to treat ourselves and go to our favourite pizza restaurant for dinner we were not disappointed and we had a nice salad followed by a pizza and a bottle of wine. We didn't get a ticket for parking that night although we had a worrying night expecting the police to arrive at any time. We had breakfast and planned our walk for the day. The walk we decided on was what we call the walk of the playas (beaches), where we walk from San Jose beach across part of the village to a track that takes you around a hill past some grand houses to playa de los Genovese which is approximately 3 kilometers.
Playa Genovese

Surprisingly there were a lot of people on this beach probably because it was Spanish school’s half term and Semana Blanca, normally we are the only ones there. From this beach you can choose to walk along the track inland straight to Monsul beach which is about 6 kilometers from San Jose or take in three more beaches before Monsul but these can only be reached by foot walking over the volcanic crags along the coast, they are Cala Amarilla, Cala Chica and Playa del Barronal.
Soon we were on our own to enjoy the beautiful beaches and rock formations and it was well worth the effort of walking over the rocky outcrops between the beaches.
Playa del Barronal
Eventually we arrived at Playa Monsul after about two and a half hours where we had lunch (which you have to take yourselves as there are no bars after leaving San Jose). After which we walked back to San Jose along the inland track back to the motorhome to relax after a great day’s walking of just over four hours. After a coffee we
decided to move from the car park to a nearby campsite called Camping Los Escullos which we had been to before and we liked. Having settled into a nice pitch we showered and made a nice meal with a bottle of wine before starting our usual evening entertainment of scrabble followed by a couple of card games.
Next day we did a walk from the campsite inland to the village of Los Albaricoques via the small village of Presillas Bajas along a good track that we had to share with runners and walkers coming towards us, they were taking part in a 29 kilometer race from Rodalquilar to San Jose the VII Trail Cabo de Gata. We didn’t go quite that far about two hours 30 minutes to Los Albaricoques where we had coffee and a bite to eat and twohours back along a slightly different route. Spent another night on the campsite then after breakfast we left the campsite and drove to a nearby beach El Embarcadero for an hour. 
El Embarcadero
After which time we were bored so we walked to the next little village along the coast La Isleta for a coffee. When we arrived there we met our English neighbours from the campsite so we walked back with them and arranged to meet up sometime in the future to do some walks together. Drove back to San Jose where we managed to get on our usual parking space but it was still quite full and we got the last available space. Had a quiet night and travelled home the next day.