Charco del Negro and Cueva Hora

11/03/2015 Charco del Negro & Cueva Hora
We met up at 10 am at Abadas services on the A92 motorway, it took us about 30 minutes to drive up to the start of the walk. It was a nice walk with beautiful views and weather, amongst the wind turbines of Sierra de Loja.
Start of walk
There were 5 people and four dogs which were all let off (the dogs that is) at the start as there were no animals around. Scoobie soon disappeared but the other three dogs either stayed with us or kept coming back to us. 

Emerging from the top of the cave

On the loopback from the cave a land rover with a warden in stopped to ask if we had lost one of our dogs (we had put the other three on their leads as we saw some sheep about) as a white dog had been reported by a shepherd as chasing his sheep. We said that we had lost one of our dogs and he drove off. When we were approaching our cars we saw the warden and some other people near our cars and then we spotted Scoobie walking towards us. She was quite calm and let us put the lead on and I said that I was sorry to the warden who said that was OK but the other people with him were the shepherds who were not very happy and said that 
View from top of Cueva Hora

Scoobie was a dangerous dog and loco. This is it now we are never going to let her run free off the lead again as she gets into too much trouble.

Dangerous dog