Sunday 8th February 2015 Sierra De Loja

Went for a walk in the Sierra De Loja mountains which had snow on the tops. We drove up a rough track from Loja up to around 1400 meters where we parked up and walked on tracks past Charco Del Nergo (black pond which was covered with thick ice) and along the track to the very beautiful Cueva Hora before going up onto the top of the ridge to join the monster wind turbines. We were surprised at the number of people up there including lots of families who had taken their children up there to play in the snow. Scoobie disappeared while we were walking even though we did not see any animals for her to chase, there must have been lots of scents for her to follow. After the walk we drove round on the tracks where we had been but there was no sign of her.  We drove to the village of Riofrio for coffee and tostada at our favorite bread/cake shop before driving back to where we had the car parked and there was Scoobie walking back along the track.