Lost at the dam

After spending the first hour yesterday with 2 new friends on a walk near the Dam in Iznajar I picked up the scent of rabbits and could not resist going off trying to find them. I was really enjoying myself and got totaly carried away and forgot to go back to my owners and their friends. By the time it started to get dark I thought I would go back to where they had parked their car but there were no longer any cars there, I did find a few bits of food that they had left for me, so I ate that and tried to find somewhere warm for the night. There was not much about so I just made myself a little bed under some bushes it was very cold and I wondered why I had not stayed with my owners and I would be in my nice warm basket in our house. Maybe one day I will not get carried away chasing rabbits and start being a normal dog like my 2 new friends. Dream on rabbit hunting is too much fun. Anyway after a freezing cold night my owners came back to the parking space where they had parked yesterday and I was very pleased to see them they gave me some food and water then took me home. When we got home they gave me some more food and water and I went to bed in my nice warm basket. I hope that you all didn't worry too much because I had gone missing again, don't worry it wont happen again, well it might.
See you all again soon