5th March Wednesday
Got up and decided not to risk the flies again so drove to Lake Matheson car park for breakfast. We drove to Fox glacier and did the walk up to its face, it was stunning and we could get to within 200 meters of its face. We were going to Manapopo next. On the way we stopped of o sample the local delicacy of whitebait, so we had a pattie between us just in case we did not like it.It was nothing like thw whitebait you have in the UK, this was all different types of baby fish that they catch, mixed together and fried, it was different don't think we would have another one. We stopped for petrol at Haast as it says there is no more petrol stations for 90 kilometres, but they ripped us off by charging $2.38 per litre instead of $2.20 elsewhere. We then drove over Haast pass which was 580 meters, that's not even as high as the village where we live in Spain. Tiny did not like going up hill and round bends at the same time but she made it over OK. We then stopped off at blue lagoon which was beautiful. We decided not to stop at Manapopo but carry on to Wanaka as we needed some provisions and more petrol. We found the supermarket at Wanaka and got more wine amongst other things. We went to the campsite which had free internet and sauna and hot tub included in the price of $35. So we had a shower and sauna/hot tub then had dinner and played scrabble.