Roys Peak

7th March Friday
Went for a walk up Roys Peak 1578 meters which the book said would take 5 to 6 hours. We started walking up the track the same time that a man who we chatted to for quite a while before we let him go on his own as he wanted to walk faster than us. It turned out that he was a retired farmer from Lincoln and we had an interesting conversation with him for about an hour. It was quite a steep zigzag track and when we had been going 2 and a half hours we were still not at the top but we decided to carry on to the top as it was a beautiful day. We reached the summit in 3 hours and it was worth it as we had some spectacular views of the surrounding area including more of Mount Aspiring. We had lunch on top and met up with the farmer who was still at the top chatting to 2 girls from Germany when we got there. We ate lunch and started on our way down before the farmer but he caught us up and passed us on the way down. We made it down in 2 hours 10 minutes feeling very tired. When we got to the car a girl asked us if we were going back into town as she wanted a lift, we said OK and she squeezed into the back with our holdalls and we dropped her in the centre of Wanaka and continued on our way to Queenstown deciding what to do as we drove. We decided not to go into Queenstown but stay at a place called Arrowtown and bypass Queenstown altogether and go to Te Anau the next day. As we were driving over the mountain pass to Arrowtown it started to rain and continued when we first arrived at the campsite which was very busy as there were running and cycling races at the town the next day.