Rocky Mountain

6th March Thursday
Had breakfast and did some washing before going on a walk to Diamond Lake. We decided to stay another night so hung out washing and then drove 25 minutes to the start of the walk were we chose the path up to Rocky Mountain which was 1 hour 30 minutes each way. It was the first real mountain walk of the holiday and we really enjoyed it with 360 degree views when we reached the top, it was quite steep but well worth the effort. On the top we could see the snowcapped Mount Aspiring at 3033 meters one of the highest mountains outside the Mount Cook region and also great views of Lake Wanaka. We walked back to the car and drove to the campsite where we had lunch and Chris did some hand washing. After deciding our plans for the rest of the holiday we had another shower, sauna/hot tub and felt really chilled so had a glass of wine before dinner, during dinner and after dinner.