14th March Friday
Left the site

and went to Te Kaihinaki (ancient boulders) on the beach nearby that can only be seen at low tide (which it was). After clambering over them for a bit we started our drive to Mount Cook stopping off at Oamaru first at the public gardens which were lovely then walked up the main street and had a coffee and sent a few messages from the phone as it had wifi. We went round a beautiful building which had been a bank but was now the Forrester Gallery and spoke to the lady on reception who said that she had lived in the house when she was younger as her father was the bank manager. We went to the Harbour-Tyne historic precinct which contained shops,craft centers, antiques & herbalists and also on old building with a train outside and a lot of metal sculptures which was very weird. We carried on driving until we got to Kurow where we stopped to buy fish and chips for lunch.  We were staying at a doc site tonight and would not be able to cook dinner. We arrived at Mount Cook and got a place on the campsite and did a small walk to the Alpine remembrance stone and took some photos of Mount Cook. We sat in the sun until it went behind the mountains at 6pm and it got cold.