Goodbye Tiny

18th March Tuesday
Left site at 10 am drove to North South Holiday Park were we are staying for our last night of our stay in New Zealand. Booked a lift to the airport at 8:30 am the next day to the airport to give us time to check in for our flight. Tried to check in on-line from the campsite but were not able to. Went to airport and asked a girl at check-in if everything was OK as we could not check-in on-line and she said that it would be no problem and we could checkin tomorrow as it was open until 9:50 not 8:50 as it said on the website. Went back to campsite had lunch and went for a little walk around a resovior to get some fresh air before being cooped up on a plane for days. Took Tiny back which they check over and found that all was OK and we had not damaged it. They drove us back to the campsite to our deluxe cabin on the campsite where we showered and watched a film and had a nice bottle of New Zealand wine.

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