Flight back to UK

19th March Wednesday
Early wake up at 7:15 had breakfast to use up the remaining food that we had and waited for lift to airport, got to airport with plenty of time to check-in. Had coffee to use up some New Zealand dollars and sent some messages from phone. Just managed to read the magazine during the 1 hour 20 minute flight to Auckland. Picked up luggage and went for a 600 meter walk following the green line from Domestic to International terminal (good job it wasn't raining). Queuing to check-in for our flight to Sydney at 12:15 no rush as the flight is not due to leave until 14:10 no worries. We had a short wait in Auckland and we were going to have a coffee to use the last of the New Zealand cash. We had $3.70 left and Chris did a search of the airport to buy one but they were all more expensive. As we went to the boarding gate later to get on the flight we had to go upstairs and passed a Burger King where we could have got a coffee for $3.20. Flight to Sydney was fine we had a meal and they gave us an icecream the first of the holiday. We only had a short wait for out flight to London. We had a stopover for refueling at Dubai and during the flight we had 2 more meals, one included another icecream, tried to sleep and lost track of time of day. The stopover was short and we got back on the plane into the same seats. We settled down for our last flight of the day(s) a 7 hour flight to Heathrow. Arrived safely after having another 2 meals. Taxi driver arrived on time and we got to Chris's brother Malcolm without any problem. Went for a little walk and had lunch with Malcolm. Latter had dinner and some nice wine kindly provided by Malcolm the wine connoisseur before going to bed at 9pm as we were shattered.

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