17th March Monday
Sun was shinning again today so we drove into town parked up and did a tour of the sites in Christchurch center, but a lot has been demolished by the earthquake. We managed to see enough in about 3 hours. We walked round a route from the lonely planet guide then found a nice cafe on the river Avon where you could hire a punt down the river. We resisted the temptation and just had a coffee. We walked around some gardens which were beautiful and part of them went along the river where we passed a punt on which someone was playing a guitar and singing. We ended up at the new cathedral made of cardboard because the old one was badly damaged by the earthquake and it was really good. We went back to Tiny and found a campsite for the night at Spencer Beach Holiday Park as the name suggests it was close to the beach so we had a walk there and it was what is said on the tin a beach nothing else. We went back to Tiny and took food and phone to the kitchen to cook and charge respectively. After dinner we went back to Tiny to play cards. After the first game I remembered that I had left the mobile phone charging in the kitchen, so I sprinted over there and luckily it was still there phew it would have been a disaster had it been stolen as we had taken over 400 pictures of the holiday. Played a couple more games of cards then slept the last night in Tiny as we had to take her back the next day.

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