Adventure in Loja

We went for a walk from Los Abades near Loja with 2 of my friends Olly & Stan. We had a great time running around first through some woods then up a steep hill which had some really nice animal scents that I could run around sniffing. My friends were not too interested in that they just liked running around. We eventually arrived at a big cross and had a rest and some water and biscuits. When we got going again I found some really nice scents and followed them for ages and forgot about everything else after a couple of hours. I realized that my friends their owner Matty, Chris & Cyril had gone and I was getting tired. I remembered where they had parked the cars so I made my way back there but the cars had gone too!!!!! Don't panic I thought this has happened before so I just sat down and waited and sure enough after about and hour Chris & Cyril drove up in their car. I gave them a good bark to show how pleased I was to see them. They tried to give me some water but I had found plenty of puddles on route so I got in the car and went to sleep. I noticed the car was full of food so they had been to the supermarket. They had bought me a packet of dog biscuits so they knew I would be coming back from my wonderings. Another adventure over for the day.