Holiday time

Been on holiday to Aunty Barbara's and Uncle Graham's and my boyfriend Max while the Deeming's went on holiday to New Zealand, I dont know where that is but think it is not in Trabuco as I did not see them for 5 weeks. Had a wonderful time was spoiled rotten with lots of food and a bit of exercise, not many big route marches that I have to do with the Deeming's. Aunty Sharron was over here from England and she took me and Max on some nice walks, one was a nice visit to the 100 canons (water pipes). We also went down to the seaside to a place called Nerja where me and Max went in the sea, well paddled as the water was a bit cold, and we also played on the beach, me and Max that is. As I was having such a nice time I did not bother running off I will save that for when the Deeming's get back. I think they like coming back for me the next day after I have had a night out. I had my own bedroom it was really nice they let me sleep on a sofa bed, much better than my old blanket at home and Aunty Barbara came in every morning and tickled my tummy and gave me lots of treats. I think I might have put a bit of weight on during the holiday, hopefully the Deeming's wont notice but I am sure that they will be giving me one meal a day and be taking me on route marches again soon.