2nd March Sunday
Woke up and had a lovely shower in a bathroom right next to Tiny almost like en suite. Had breakfast (scones again should not have bought 6 of them even though they were on offer) then did a sightseeing tour of Hokitika (not much to see) and kept smelling something that I could not place at first but then realised it was the smell of coal burning that I had not smealt since I was a small boy when they introduced smokeless fuel in the UK. We walked along the beach where there was loads of driftwood and a guy was collecting some to burn on his fire but some of it was made into strange shapes. We found a really nice cafe called The Garden we had a coffee in the garden of the cafe and they had wonderful furniture, sofa made from tree trunks and it had a really nicely decorated toilet. It started raining so we made our way back to the campsite. We spent the afternoon playing scrabble in the lounge at the campsite watching it rain. We eventually saw the weather on tv and it was not good for the next day.