first day in New Zealand

19th February Wednesday
Phoned Backpacker Sleepervans from North South Holiday Park to get them to pick us up to take us to their office to collect the campervan.  While we were waiting for them we walked out of the site across the road to a transport cafe and had a coffee each. It was the cheapest coffee we had all holiday $2.80 but you had to make it yourself. Then went back to campsite to wait to be picked up. They took us to the office to sign paperwork for the very, very, very small van. Then drove to supermarket to get some supplies and soon noticed a big difference in the prices to Spain!!!!
We then made our way to our first destination Hanmer Springs, both of us taking it in turns to drive so that we could get used to driving it which was automatic transmission which Chris had never driven before!!! While Chris was driving she almost nodded off to sleep, I had to shout to wake her up or we would have ended up in the ditch, we were both very tired from the journey still. Got to the village and had a walk around, it looked a bit like Ambleside in the English Lake District with fewer people and not raining, and surrounded by hills. Found a nice little campsite just outside the village, had dinner then went to bed about 8pm as we were so tired from the flights. This was our first night in the van which we called Tiny for obvious reasons.