Call me Lady Scoobie

I think that I should change my name to Lady Scoobie as I have been mixing with the hoy poley this year. Firstly during the summer I was going on holiday to the UK and remember me telling you that I spent 3 glorious weeks in the Hotel Des Toutou in Calais because they would not let me in the UK, where I met some new pen friends (well kennel friends actually). Well last Wednesday I went for a walk with the Deemings again (yawn) and we started the walk at Hotel Barbadilla a five star hotel to walk to Villanueva de Tapia.. They decided to let me off the lead this week as I had been good for a couple of weeks (first mistake) as my new friend Ollie was there too and they thought that it would be OK as we would just play together during the walk (second mistake) as soon as I got out of the car I did a runner as I had picked up the scent of Rabbits. I ran around like a lunatic for about an hour then I heard them whistling me so I went to them hoping to get a bit of ham sandwich from one of the walkers. But after I had run like the wind to catch them I found that he only had dry bread this time. So I just let them stroke me for a bit and tell me what a good girl I was for coming back and then they let me go off again (third mistake) as this time I was in rabbit city. They carried on for a coffee in Tapia and I just carried on sniffing and running around. Eventually I got tired and thought that I had better try to find them again as it was getting late. So I went back to the Hotel to see if their car was still there. But I had blown it and they had gone home without me so I had to stay at the Hotel for the night, this may sound good but unfortunately it was closed for the winter so I spend the night in a five star car park, I was a bit cold and hungry. In the words of my auntie Nik I think I am getting too old for this lark maybe I wont do it again (watch this space). The next morning the Deemings came and rescued me as usual and took me home for a nice (well not really) hot bath and I spent the rest of the day recovering in bed resting and eating as much as I could to build me up for my next adventure. Speak soon Love (Lady) Scoobie xxx