Cabo de Gata

I have just been on holiday again. We have been to Cabo de Gata in Almeria. We had a great time and they let me off the lead for one of the walks and I really had a good time and would not go back to them when they got back to the campervan. Cyril eventually tried to catch me and walked after me until I finally got cornered at the harbor and I had to make the decision as to whether I should let him put the lead on me or jump into the water in the harbor. Well as I am allergic to water I just sat down and let him put the lead on me. The next day we walked to a beach and while they sunbathed I was left to walk about with my long lead on which stops me from running off as it’s like being a prisoner on a ball and chain. I had a great time digging holes all over the beach as there was nobody else on there all the time we were there. Went shopping today as it was raining and they bought my a nice neckerchief, think it looks a bit too posh for me what do you think?