First trip to France

First trip to France
Me and my best mate Tilley have just been on holiday to France, It is the first time for both of us. We were really excited. It all started with the usual chaos of loading up the campervan. This time we had extra passengers besides Chris & Cyril we had Pat & Edna (Tilley’s mum & nana). We took 2 days to get to France stopping overnight on the outskirts of Valencia. Pat & Edna slept in a posh hotel we stayed in the campervan with Chris & Cyril. The next day we arrived at Pat’s friends in France and this time we had the campervan to ourselves as all the people slept in the house. We had a great time but heavy rain kept us awake most of the night. The next day we left Pat & Edna with their friends in France and went off in the campervan with Chris & Cyril to do some walking. We went to Mont-Louis then drove about 10k up a narrow road to Lac des Bouillouses where it was very cold a raining, maybe it was because we were at a height of 2005 meters brrrr. We stayed there the night and were going for a walk in the morning but when we woke up it was snowing so we went foe a drive instead. We drove into and through Andorra. We had some trauma when we crossed the border from France into Andorra as Tilley realized that she had left her passport with Pat so as we approached the border we got Chris & Cyril to put us both in the shower and guess what they drove straight through without being stopped. Andorra was a bit dull with just ski resorts and shops and it was cloudy so we just stopped for a quick comfort break. Leaving Andorra back into Spain we also had a problem they put us in the shower again. Chris was driving and thought we should go in the lane for buses as there was a big queue of cars in the other lane, but a man came out and stopped us and had a look in the campervan but he didn’t look in the shower and we kept really quiet, phew that was lucky I didn’t fancy losing my mate Tilley in quarantine for six months. So in one day we went from France through Andorra and then into Spain.
The next day we went for a 10 mile walk which was 5 miles up hill, we had to pose for a photo shoot on the top. We were so tired when we got back to the van that we just ate some food then crashed out for the night. Happy days.
The next day we did another walk but a bit shorter this time through a big forest, we met a Dutch man who was collecting mushrooms and I barked at him but he didn’t look very scared when he saw me, good job I was on the lead or I would have had him. We then moved on to a place called Olot , there was not a lot to say about the place apart from Cyril driving the campervan through a barrier into an area that was only for buses and we could not get out until a bus came in. Olot was surrounded by volcanoes which we were walking round the next day, we didn’t like Olot a lot so we drove to Santa Pau where we found a car park for Autocars so we stayed the night there as we seem to be classed as a bus now. The next day we did a nice walk round the volcanoes along lovely forest paths but I was in for a shock as when we were walking passed a field I touched a fence and had an electric shock which was not nice at all, I wont be doing that again in a hurry.
The next day we drove on to a place called Besalu, we parked on the outskirts of the village and walked in the Deemings seem to like it , it was a very old village with a 13th century bridge and old village walls. We walked over the bridge and two men were playing music so I didn’t bark at them. We then drove on the Figueres they were going on about visiting the Dali museum, dogs were not allowed in there so me and Tilley got left in the van which was OK because we had a good sleep. They came back and raved on about this crazy artist and how good the museum was yawn yawn. We drove on to Cadaques which is on the Costa Brava they didn’t take us to the beach but hopefully we will do that tomorrow because I love the sand! Tilley is excited because we are going back into France tomorrow to be back with her mum and nana she says she has missed them. The next day we went to Portlligat to see Salvidor Dali’s house we left Tilley in the campervan and I went with Chris and Cyril to the house via a little walk along the beach. I didn’t get to go in the house as dogs were not allowed in so they tied me up outside and I spent the time barking at people who kept saying that I had big ears!! After that we drove back into France, we had to hide in the shower again but we were not stopped this time. It was good to see Pat & Edna again and we slept in the campervan but this time Chris & Cyril joined us as there was no room in the house in France. The next two days we traveled back home without any problems. So now I have been to France and Andorra and had a really good holiday.