Holiday in Almeria

Saturday 23nd January 2010.
Happy New Year to you all. Sorry I haven't seen you for a while I have been away for a few days. We went down to Almeria to walk the coastal path along the 'Cabo de Gata' to escape the rain in Trabuco. The first day we walked along the coast to La Almadraba Monteleva passing a bird santuary where we saw some flamingoes then on to a salt mine and finally to La Fabriquilla which was like a ghost town no cafe open for a cafe con leche. Had to go back to the first village for a cafe but it said "no perros" but I gave the lady behind the bar a nice smile and she let me in. That night we stayed on a carpark with some dutch people. The next day we went to San Jose because Cyril and Chris kept saying to each other do you know the way to San Jose well thats what they kept singing all the time it was getting on my nerves after a while. We didnt stay in the village we drove along a track to a beach called playa monsul. We had lunch then walked up to an 18th century watchtower called Vigia Vela Blanca. The next day we walked from the beach to San Jose. We went to an internet cafe for lunch it was a bit trendy for the Deemings they made me sit outside. When we got back to the campervan the Deemings let me off on the beach which took me by surprise as they haven't done that for ages and I just stood there for a few minutes then I remembered what I do so I ran off up into the dunes and found a nice young couple and gave them a good barking at which they thought was funny. There was also a little boy running around the dunes so I chased him for a bit. I still didn't want to get back to the campervan and Chris had to come and get me but I soon gave up. The next day we drove to San Jose and went on a big walk to Los Escullos and back. The next day we went to Rodalquilar to do another big walk and look at some gold mines ( I wasnt that interested but the Deemings seemed to like it). That night we changed plans as we had to drive to Las Negras to find a shop as the Deemings had run out of wine. We then went home the next day I don't remeber much about the journey as I was asleep all the way. The Deemings were busy unloading the campervan and they left the front door open so I saw my opportunity to escape. So I ran down into the village for a couple of hours but it started getting dark and I hadn't had any tea so I went back home and got them to open the front door and let me in. Had my tea and went to bed. A couple of days later we went a walk on the tracks around Trabuco it was great there was lots of muddy puddles for me to play in but towards the end of the walk I did make one mistake, I saw a nice puddle and jumped in but I ended up to my neck in mud and I knew that there would be an early bath for me when I got back home. But just before we finished the walk we crossed a bridge over a small river as I was just standing looking at it the next thing I knew Cyril pushes me in, it was a good job I had a good strong lead on as it was a fast flowing really freezing river and Cyril managed to drag me out before I disappered under the bridge. Anyway it did the trick and I was now clean again but freezing my butt off but at least I avoided the early bath when I got home.
see you soon
love Scoobie