I had a great time today went for a walk with the Deemings. We went walking over the olive groves and as it had been raining it was nice and muddy, I love the mud and got all the skicky stuff over my feet. We had been walking for about an hour and had got to a track and we were walking passed a big shed and there was a nice dog about and I went to play with him but my lead got stuck and snapped. So off I went running all over the fields playing with my new friend I think his name was Saki anyway we were jumping over each other in the mud it was great. For about 45 minutes the Deemings tried to catch me and then a nice little Spanish boy who was the owner of Saki started to help them. He tried to catch me but I barked at him, eventually Chis got me to sit and caught me but I was now a brown dog instead of white. Guess what happened when we got home! I was chained up and muzzled and they washed me all nice and clean for Christmas. But I hate being clean.
Merry Christmas everybody xx